LS Power Pack (LS1-LS2)

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LS1 / LS6 Complete Power Pack Kit



We have installed this kit on corvette, GTO, and F-body cars and seen outstanding results every time! Our customers love the performance gain and rumble from this kit. We have seen consistent results of 415 + RWHP on our Mustang 1750 dyno when complemented with a good exhaust system and air intake. This kit will require reprogramming of the ECU. We also recommend installing a colder thermostat. The Kit Includes: FAST 102mm Intake (Fuel Rails NOT INCLUDED) – FAST Intake Gaskets – Hutter Custom 232-236-112 camshaft – PAC Dual Valve Springs – Manley Titanium Retainers – Manley valve locks – Comp Spring Seats – PEP Valve Seals (16) – Comp Cams 3/8 pushrods 7.400 – Melling High Volume Pump – Cloyes Hex-adjust Timing set – ARP Damper Bolt – ARP cam bolts – GM chain damper – GM water pump Gaskets (2) – GM timing Cover Gasket – GM damper Seal

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