Dan Lutes’s 2010 Camaro dyno run on our Mustang 1750 chassis dyno. The Hutter Performance 750 horsepower package was installed which includes a Kenne Bell liquid cooled twin screw supercharger with an intercooler, our Hutter Performance camshaft kit, Stainless Works headers and exhaust system and our Hutter Performance dyno tuning.

This 2003 Z06 Corvette was installed with our Hutter Performance 650+ horsepower Procharger power package and then had a custom tune through our chassis dyno service.

Lee Campbell’s Chevrolet Z06 on Hutter Performance’s chassis dyno for tuning.

RC Rickey’s 5.3L GMC Sierra with a supercharger from Procharger and dyno tuned by Hutter Performance.

An extreme off road buggy build that has a quad turbocharged and inter-cooled LS engine. Dyno tuned by Hutter Performance.

Birkness 2006 Z06

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This is a 2006 Z06 built for Street driving and Track Day/Road Course events. Hutter “Black Magic” custom LS 427 engine – over 580 rwhp. ACP carbon fiber body kit

Espinal 2006 Z06

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2006 Z06 built for Track Day/Road Course events. Hutter “Black Magic” custom LS 427 engine – over 615 rwhp Motec engine management and dash Hutter custom coil-over conversion Hutter custom ABS system Hollinger sequential shift transmission ACP carbon fiber body kit. C6 Z06 from Hutter Performance on Vimeo.

1998 Drag Racing Camaro

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1998 LS 427 powered Camaro. – Custom roll cage, chassis, and engine all built by Hutter Performance. – This car is now owned by James Finch out of Panama City, Florida. Photo Gallery

Hutter Racing Chassis Dyno Service - 440 cubic inch LSX engine

A 440 cubic-inch GM LSX race engine built by Hutter Performance. This engine puts out 1048 horsepower at 9,350 rpm and 664 torque at 7,700 rpm with a 10,000 rpm redline. The prepared short block features a 15:1 compression ratio, custom CNC ported cylinder heads, fabricated headers by Hutter and a custom intake from Wilson Manifolds. The Motec electronic fuel injection was tuned by Hutter Performance on the engine dyno.